Teaching Aids:

The school provides a conducive teaching learning environment with a large number of teaching aids like Montessori equipments, charts, flashcards, T.V, DVD, LCD , computers and Smart Boards to make learning an enriching and joyful experience.



The school library has a varied collection of books of educational values. Informative CD’s, Magazines, Newspapers both Hindi and English are also available.


Computer Lab

              The School is equipped with state of the Art Laboratories in order to provide practical exposure to the students on the concerned subjects being taught. A dedicated computer lab for students  with 40 computer having all latest configuration is set up for the students. The school is upgraded with the standards of the school as “Best AF School” with the potential to provide better amenities.


Science Lab

A few of the recent infrastructural additions are :

 (a) ATAL Tinkering Laboratory:

We in Air Force Scbool Avadi have ATAL Tinkering Lab  to ensure proper conduct of practical classes on Tinkering and other technical skills to the nurturing young minds to help them innovate for their optimum benefits. The ATL is combined with Physics Lab for the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes.

(b) Chemistry Lab:

The School is also facilitated with a fully fledged Chemistry Laboratory for the Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. The lab is equipped with all the provisions and chemicals for the active functioning of the laboratory.


(c) Additional Four Classrooms

To upgrade the school to senior secondary level, the additional four classrooms are constructed with new furnitures and boards. This provides more amenities that are useful and of optimum benefit to the students, and set standard of excellence.


Physical Education

The school takes pride in providing the children with a vast play ground and facilities for all indoor and outdoor games. Special coaching is given for playing team games. Students participate in Inter school sports meet and command level tournaments.


School Band

The school provides opportunity to all musically inclined children to learn and showcase their talents. Our musical instruments include Morocco, harmonium, keyboard, tabla and triple bango.




Scout Master teaches a person to be independent and helpful. A Scout is a friend to the environment and a brother to every other scout.



SUPW stands for Socially Useful Productive Work. Under this we train our students to develop their creative and aesthetic skills. This gives them a chance to exhibit their innovative talents..



Activity Room for Pre-primary Students

The school provides activity based learning to children through various play items and learning Aids. We also have a Mini-theatre, play room, sand-pit to help our young children have a better exposure.