Admission Procedure

      1)    Age limit for admission

                 a) Pre-kg: the child should complete 2 ½ years as on 31 March on the year of Admission.
           b) LKG: the child should complete 3 yrs as on 31st March.
           c) Class 1: 5yrs as on 31st March

2)    Application forms are accepted between1st February to 15th March every year.

3)    T/C of previous school, birth certificate etc, must be attached with the application form.

4)    At the time of admission all applicable fees should be paid in advance.

5)    School leaving certificates will be issued until all dues are fully paid and all library books are returned.

6)    School leaving certificates will be issued only seven days after the application for the same is submitted.

7)    UKG students must seek fresh admission to Std I.

8)    Caution Money will not be refunded without original receipt. Caution money must be collected within a month of taking the T/C, failing which the caution money will be forfeited.

9)    Parents who wish to withdraw their ward at the end of the session must apply for T/C in January.




1) Students should realise that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any misconduct on the part of the student would make them liable for disciplinary action.

2) Students must have 80% attendance to be eligible to appear at the Annual Examination. In case of illness a medical certificate must be attached with the application.

3) A student who fails consecutively twice in the same class is liable to be asked to leave the school.

4) Any student, who is persistently disobedient, mischievous, and guilty of malpractices or indisciplined in the opinion of the Principal, may be expelled from the School permanently.



      Caution Money Counterfoil must be attached to the form for refund.

  Caution Money must be collected within a month after issue of TC. Failing which the caution money will be forfeited.

School Session and Terms:

                 The academic in the school is from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.