Medium of instructions:

Medium of instruction in the school is English. Hindi is a compulsory language from LKG to X. Sanskrit, a third language is introduced from Class VI to the students.


         KG – As per Air Headquarters Direction.

         I – XI – As per CBSE Syllabus and guidelines.


         KG to VIII – As prescribed by Air HQ

         IX to XI – As prescribed by CBSE.



Remodeled assessment structure effective from the Academic Year 2021-22




Senior Wing.             

         Academic syllabus is divided into meaningful units to facilitate uniform coverage across all classes. Extensive use of teaching aids like charts, maps, models and visual aids are practiced by teachers to make learning more interactive. Regular tests are conducted to evaluate the progress of the students and initiate course corrections as deemed necessary. Parent-Teacher meetings are organized after every test/ examination to discuss the progress of the students, in the true spirit of collaborative approach towards overall development of the children. The last PTA meeting was conducted in Dec 2020.

Junior Wing.             

         Junior Wing of Air Force School AVADI at Domestic Campus –I is a colourful, vivacious and lively world. The school environment is child-friendly and appealing to the young children. The tiny tots of kindergarten school are exposed to activity based learning wherein they are provided with value based education.  They are also taught etiquettes and table manners. A variety of activities like fancy dress, fruit day, vegetable day, visit to resource places, colour day, theme based activities etc are conducted every day.

A few of the activities conducted at Air Force School are appended below:-


(a)   Orientation programme

(b)   Group Discussion

(c)   Activity Based Learning

(d)   Group Study

(e)   Play way method

(f)    Seminar

(g)   Science Exhibition

 Co - Curricular

(a)   Introducing Colours

(b)   Fancy dress

(c)   Cooking without fire

(d)   Quiz and Debate

(e)   Rangoli Making competition

(f)    Origami

(g)   Pencil Sketch

(h)   Festival Celebrations


The school is associated with Times of India’s Student Edition and has been subscribing the newspaper for the past 5 years. A number of school events and functions have been regularly published in the newspaper. Students have been participating in several competitions conducted by Times of India.

Virtual classroom

This academic year Air Force School has entered full-fledged into the Virtual world of Smart board and E-learning. The students’ not only get the benefit of a virtual classroom with real experiments and visuals, but also helps the teachers in a better way to explain the lessons.